Is it okay for tipsters to promise less?

It isn’t difficult to find the most reliable football prediction sites, if you go through the promises made and the services provided. A reliable tipper would promise what he can fulfill. In other words, you will find lesser gap between his claims and service.

Football tipping experts make claims to get attention of buyers but serious tipsters remain cautious about their selection of words to convey right message to the targeted audience that are bettors. If you focus on the promises made and match the claims with their services and abilities, you can easily locate tippers you can rely upon. 

Promises tipsters make and how to verify the claims

Rich experience

Every tipster has a professional background that tells about his association with football and experience in giving tips. So, the first thing you should do after entering the website of a tipper is to go through his professional background. If he claims 10-year experience in football, his background should reflect the claim.

High strike rate

What should be the best strike rate of a tipster? If your answer is 100% then you are right but do you really think that it would be possible for a tipper to achieve the highest rate? Tippers that claim 100% success often forge their record to prove success. You should check before believing on the claimed rate of success. 

Inside connections

Tipsters often claim to have inside connections with bookies and betting syndicates. A tipper has to be in good books of bookmakers because he needs inside tips from bookies. But he shouldn’t use the tips without verifying the info. You shouldn’t consider inside connections as a factor because it is very difficult to determine the business relations of a tipster.

The process of making tips

Tippers are curious to describe how they make correct tips. They tell in detail how they break odds and why their formulas are reliable. You should believe on the formula that can be verified. For example, a tipper can break odds by doing a deep study of the past record of the contesting teams.

Free tips

If it isn’t for marketing or free trial then it isn’t reliable. There seems to be no reason to why a tipster should give accurate tips for free when he can make a quick profit by selling the predictions.


Every tipper would give guarantee of success and in guarantee he will give replacement tips for failed predictions. But some tipper offer money back guarantee with certain conditions that remain hidden. You can believe on replacement tips instead of money back guarantee. If you lose a bet today, you can get correct score tomorrow.

Fixed matches

It is unavailable that a tipster can get information about match-fixing and those that claim to have a say in fixing matches are only making fool of punters. They want to make quick money by selling false tips. The reliable football prediction sites would never make such offers. Also, you shouldn’t pay heed to such offers because there’s no truth in match-fixing.

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